Tuesday, March 10, 2015

This Child Here - Zhanna College Bound

Beginning in 2015, we will be paying the college education of a girl named Zhanna. Zhanna Ismailova grew up in a large family without a father in a small village in the Odessa area, and for a while lived in the shelter of The Way Home, non-profit charity in Odessa. Zhanna loves to cook and planning to study a restaurant business. Last summer she worked at a restaurant in Odessa as a chief cook`s assistant. According to her, she wanted give it a try, "I just wanted to see whether I like it or not... And I liked it!" She liked it enough to take what money she had and pay for a half a year of her education, but soon realized that she could not continue working and studying at the same time. She asked This Child Here for help. We said yes.  We will pay her tuition, room and books.

Our thanks to all who support This Child Here, we wish all the best for Zhanna on her way!

Dr. Robert Gamble,

Executive Director, This Child Here     

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