Tuesday, March 10, 2015

This Child Here Ministry Update February/March 2015

Odessa is quiet.  I notice fewer cars on the streets.  The truce is holding, they say.  But the big problem now is inflation.  Last year the exchange rate was 1 dollar - 10 grivnas. By the beginning of February it was  1:15; today it is 1:33.  There is the beginning of a panic here, people buying food and supplies with what cash they have in anticipation of runaway inflation.  Everything is cheap for us, the apartment, the restaurants; but Ukrainians are in trouble.  Most all are paid in grivnas. 

Those who work for This Child Here are paid by value of the dollar.

Below are scenes from a workshop this month in the Teenage Rehabilitation Center of Odessa, Ukraine. Some familiar faces and some new ones. It's all about helping kids open up and encouraging self-awareness, reflection on their own behavior, and adapting to new kids in the center.

Yulia and I are here until March 12th.

Dr.Robert Gamble
Executive Director, This Child Here

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